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What are the five most used car finance phrases?

Jargon, jargon, everywhere… At least, that’s how it often seems these days, doesn’t it, particularly in the world of car finance! If only people would speak plain, keep things simple, give it to us straight each time. Imagine how easy it would be to understand and absorb information, and to assess it before coming to a decision.

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What does a bad credit score really look like?

Is there one single credit score that we all have, and if the score’s low, is it then added to one central credit blacklist somewhere in the UK, for lenders everywhere to access? The simple answer is no. So, if you’re ever asked if you’ve got good or bad credit, you could answer: “It depends on who’s keeping score!”
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How should you budget for car finance?

When it comes to making car finance repayments, can you say for sure that you’re “guaranteed” to find the money each month, and are therefore a good bet for a lender? Hmm… How many of us can safely say that? It doesn’t mean you’re a first class swot if you spend some time looking at the numbers – it means you’ve got a sensible head on your shoulders!

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