How to buy a new car with bad credit

OK, so you need a car. The reasons why are entirely your own business, of course. But, if money’s a bit tight right now, how are you going to pay for it? Hmm… If you’re unable to purchase a vehicle outright you’ll probably be looking to make repayments on a car finance deal on a monthly basis. But what if you’ve got bad credit? Can you still get a car? Well, it depends…

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Check these 5 tips for getting the car finance you need!

In the UK, the motor trade makes a FORTUNE out of car financing. And with finance schemes being the main source of profit for many dealerships and car brokerages, they’re keen to sign up as many customers as possible. That includes people with bad credit, and sometimes potential customers who are unemployed, bankrupt, in part-time work, or have a County Court Judgement against them.

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What are the five most used car finance phrases?

Jargon, jargon, everywhere… At least, that’s how it often seems these days, doesn’t it, particularly in the world of car finance! If only people would speak plain, keep things simple, give it to us straight each time. Imagine how easy it would be to understand and absorb information, and to assess it before coming to a decision.

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