Common car finance mistakes and how to avoid them

Securing a car loan through a reputable Car Finance broker is a quick and easy process. But go elsewhere, and you might find the whole experience less straightforward, far from hassle-free (a bit of a nightmare, in fact!). That said, so many people making an application for finance do so unprepared, meaning that brokers and lenders have no option other than to turn them down. It can be staggering just how many applicants fail to do just a bit of research into the whole car leasing process, before picking up the phone.

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Is it possible to get car finance with bad credit?

It gets you down, doesn’t it? Being continually refused car finance due to having bad credit, that is. When enquiry after enquiry yields nothing, and making yet another (potentially pointless) phone call to a broker just feels impossible. You’ve had enough. You absolutely can’t face explaining your position from scratch to yet another dealer. It’s starting to feel like pleading, or begging, in fact! Continue reading

How to Build Credit History

A good credit score is required to persuade most banks, credit unions and other lenders that you can repay debts. They look for an illustration of responsive financial behaviour so it is a good idea to demonstrate this through attaining a credit card and small loans and paying them off in time. There are many ways to do this.

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