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When is car finance with bad credit “Guaranteed”?

If you ever see an offer of “Guaranteed Approval on Car Loan Applications”, take that with a pinch of salt (or other seasoning of your choice). Especially if it’s a dealership. Why? Because only lenders can make promises like that. Dealers who use lenders to approve applications simply can’t guarantee that loans will be approved. It’s not the way it works.

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Car finance for the self-employed with poor credit

If you work for yourself, you’ll know how hard it can be to find clients, to be paid properly and on time, and to get referrals that actually lead to more work. You’ll also know what a struggle it can be sometimes to cover advertising costs, to maintain a visible online presence, and to generally balance the books in the face of myriad expenses that can crop up when striving to keep your own business afloat.

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How to buy a new car with bad credit

OK, so you need a car. The reasons why are entirely your own business, of course. But, if money’s a bit tight right now, how are you going to pay for it? Hmm… If you’re unable to purchase a vehicle outright you’ll probably be looking to make repayments on a car finance deal on a monthly basis. But what if you’ve got bad credit? Can you still get a car? Well, it depends…

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