Car Finance with Bad Credit

We understand that, when it comes to credit ratings, a bit of bad luck can come between you and your dream car. Even if you’ve done something as harmless as forget to pay a bill by a few hours, the bad credit that ties to your name is traditionally held against you. This can severely hurt your chances of getting a car on finance.

At Albion Car Finance, we don’t like this.

That’s why we’re so happy to provide bad credit car finance – your key to car finance approval, no matter your credit score or credit history.

How our bad credit car finance plan could help you

The truth is that everyone reading this will have different needs, and that’s something our team are trained to help with. However, even something as simple as offering you a Pay Weekly Finance Plan can be a lifesaver for our customers. This means weekly instead of monthly payments, and it is ideal for those that are tired of seeing huge lump sums taken out of their bank account every month.

If you’re sick of being turned down because of your bad credit history and don’t think we can help you, then you are exactly who we want to contact us.  That way we can reassure you that there are ways around the roadblocks that other car finance companies love to put up, and all hope isn’t lost because of some poor credit.

Who we can help with car finance

If you feel like other car finance companies aren’t giving you what you want, we’ve made it our mission to help you. That means that we’ll do our best to get a set of new car keys into the hands of all the below:

·         Those not on the electoral register

·         Those claiming benefits

·         Those that have mortgage arrears

·         Those that have CCJ’s (County Court Judgement)

·         Those that have been refused finance before

·         Those with an IVA (individual voluntary arrangement)

·         Those that have been late with debt payments

·         Those that receive pay on awkward days

·         Those that haven’t previously been allowed to get car finance

·         Those that are unsure about their credit history

Not included above? That doesn’t mean we can’t help you, it just means we probably missed you out!

What we need

As a minimum, we would need the following three items so we can try and help you get on the road:

·         Proof of income

o   This can take the form of pay stubs, tax returns, bank statements, tax statements, etc.

·         Proof of address

o   This can take the form of a valid driver’s licence, utility bill, lease agreement, property tax receipt, etc.

·         Proof of licence

o   This would mean a valid drivers licence.

While we have listed some of the most common forms of proof above, don’t worry if you’re missing one or two of them. Just let us know and we’ll see what we can do to help you out!

So, you’re interested in our bad credit car finance – what next?

That’s great to hear! Lucky for you, we have spent years streamlining this process to make it as fast and straight forward as possible. First, apply online below. Next, wait until we receive your finance application (we make pretty fast decisions, don’t worry!) and then we’ll send you an approval voucher. Then, it’s the exciting part, as we get to make an appointment for you to come to your nearest dealership and pick a car to drive away! What are you waiting for…?

Apply now!