Regardless of Poor Credit, You Can Still Get Car Finance!

“Nothing’s impossible; you just have to BELIEVE.” Really? Well, that all sounds very inspiring and motivational, but what about when it comes to driving? Is it true that now ANYONE, regardless of their financial circumstances, can find a vehicle-finance solution? Even with a poor credit record?

The Truth Can Set You Free!

Yes. Really. It can. At least it can if you turn to Albion Car Finance, after being turned down for a car loan elsewhere due to one or more of the following:

  • CCJs
  • Being on Benefits
  • Bankruptcy
  • Poor credit
  • Being self-employed or in part-time work
  • Mortgage or loan arrears
  • The Application Form

There’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Credit applications might seem a bind – and almost set up to stop you in your tracks; but fear not, an honest application will always receive an honest appraisal. It’s so unnecessary to be creative with the truth when filling in one of our forms – just keep it simple and truthful. If  you’re tempted to be less than candid, you can forget about being back on the road in no time. Totally not worth it when all we want to do is give you easy access to the car finance you need, to drive the car you want!

An ordinary street

Fiasco in Sorrento

I finally got myself sorted with a great new set of wheels after a friend told me about Albion Car Finance,” explains Caitlin in Rickmansworth. “But prior to that, I had been living in Italy and I’d been planning to return to the UK to go to Uni in Dorset. In advance (and to avoid being turned down in the UK) I tried to get a car loan from a financing company near Sorrento, and almost ended up in a serious bother due to not being entirely honest when completing an E-Z Auto Loan Application form.

Regrets, probably a few…

I really regret it now. I wish I’d just had the patience to wait until I got back to the UK, and then sorted myself out with a car loan back here. The process was so easy! In my defence, all my mates at home told me over the phone or through e-mails just how hard they were finding it get vehicle-financing where they lived. I thought that if I tried to sort out some wheels whilst still abroad and then simply brought the car back to the UK, that would be a clever way to get around the whole ‘can’t get vehicle financing in the UK’ problem.

Honesty is the best policy

Many people feel ashamed of having a poor credit record. Being on benefits or struggling to pay the mortgage (and seeing that fall badly into arrears) are also things that so many people across the UK would rather not admit to, and feel stigmatised by. So difficult is it to get car finance these days – unless your credit record is glowing and you work full-time earning a good salary – that too many prospective car owners give up the ghost, through exhaustion, frustration, and the whole soul-destroying inevitably of always being refused.

It can seem like a better option to be economical with the truth when making an application, but believe us, the process is easy if you choose Albion, because we are all about getting people on the road! Once you’ve filled in your application form, our appraisal process assesses your situation honestly and fairly with a view to making a car loan possible, even if you’ve been refused car finance in the past and your credit history is a bit checkered.

No Need For Desperate Measures

Caitlin (not her real name) is at pains to point out that she did fully intend to continue making car loan repayments in Italy (where her parents have lived now for over decade), rather than doing a flit. But that doesn’t make it alright to use deception on car loan application forms while abroad, of course; or anywhere else for that matter!

Car Finance is More Accessible Than You Think!

Don’t give up. In fact, get yourself GEARED up! Avoid Caitlin’s approach, and instead make an honest application for vehicle finance with us and you could find yourself driving home in a car you’ve always wanted, TODAY.