Why Buying a Car Privately Can Be More Costly

When planning to buy a used car, you expect to get a good deal and you might be tempted to quit on the car dealer in order to save some money. However, buying privately from the owner might end up being more costly than you have estimated.

Mechanics estimate that 80% of the second hand cars in need of serious repairs are bought from private persons. This is the first and most important cause of the additional costs, which can appear after buying a second hand car. Stories about cars that brake soon after the transaction are frequent and refer to serious engine damages. It is hard to tell from the beginning if a car has been involved in accidents or if it has been badly repaired. A car dealer might have higher prices, but you have the guarantee that your car won’t stop in the middle of the road soon after.

What are the advantages of buying from the car dealer?

You know for sure the car works well

When buying the car from a private seller, you can’t be sure about the mechanical part. Unless you are a professional mechanic, it is hard to tell if the car is in perfect condition or it will need repairs after a short time. According to statistics, about 57% of the persons who buy cars from a private seller encounter hidden damages. Repairs are frequently expensive and the car ends by costing more than a similar vehicle bought from a car dealer.

You save time

Looking for the best offers online requires time. You might also travel a little going to see various vehicles before taking a final decision. These are costs, which generally add to the car’s final price. By going to a dealer, you get to see all the cars in a single visit. You have the chance to see several cars at the same time and you can make comparisons easier.

Benefit from special offers and assistance with a loan

If you don’t have all the money necessary to get the car, a car dealer can help you with a car loan application straight away. When you buy from a private seller and you don’t have enough money, you will have to deal with the bank or another credit union. Generally, these things require time, but car dealers manage to obtain the money faster and with less effort.

You have the guarantee of the dealer

When buying a car privately, you should take a few days to check on it first, looking in the registers to see if the car is stolen or if it has outstanding finance on it. You need to spend a lot of time talking to various people. You can also spend additional money in order to have access to the information you need. About 30% of the checked cars are discovered to be stolen, while about 28% of them have other legal problems and don’t really belong to the seller. If you buy a car in this situation, you lose all the money, as the car returns to the right owner. On the other hand, a car dealer doesn’t sell an item without checking its complete history, so you can be sure that once bought, the car remains yours.

You have all the documents done correctly and fast

When buying the car, you need to fill a series of documents and then register the vehicle as yours. The car dealer does all this work for you, without additional costs. They handle the registration and all other papers required by law.

When buying a second hand car, you should check about how old the car really is and which are the costs of maintaining it. A very old car can generate many expenses with regular maintenance and higher fuel use. Another important factor are the tyres. When buying a car that costs less you might want to check how old the tyres are, as these parts can cost more than you expect. If you have to buy new tires for your second hand car immediately, calculate how much these add to the final cost in order to be able to make a fair comparison with the prices from the car dealer.