Top 10 Best hot hatchbacks this year

2015 has seen healthy competition in all segments of car market. Hatchback segment, especially has been revolutionized, thanks largely to brands like Volkswagen, Ford, Renault etc… Safety, practicality and space were the major considerations for manufacturers. Courtesy of decades of Volkswagen engineering, we have the hot hatch phenomenon. The brand decided to make cars which travels faster along straight lines and feels easy around corners. The other brands followed it to only promote the hot hatch concept. That has positively reflected in most 2015 hatchback models. Drivability has become sweeter in this segment. Check out our list of 10 best hot hatchbacks in 2015.

1.Ford Focus ST hatchback

It’s a hatch that’s as much practical as standard cars. The hatch is worth every penny, since it’s really fast car. Nevertheless the brand, stresses at better fuel economy than raw speed. It combines luxury, comfort and speed effortlessly. Excellent turning radius and chassis makes it fantastically drivable. The 247bhp petrol engine version is pitted against SEAT Leon TDI and Volkswagen Golf GTD.

2.Ford Fiesta ST hatchback

Fiesta ST offers good value, great drivability and amazing practicality. Nevertheless there’s one catch, it is available only in 3 door version. Speed is fiesta’s strong suit, with the top speed being 139mph. It can do a 0 to 60 mph in less than 7 seconds. In this price range, this speedy six speed manual is superior.

3.SEAT Leon Cupra hatchback

Performance is where SEAT Leon Cupra really scores over its contenders. It’s fitted with an adjustable suspension to work every terrain comfortably. However the interior of Leon, doesn’t feel as premium as Golf GTI and other competitors. Leon Cupra comes with six-speed manual as standard and buyers can opt for six-speed automatic gearbox also.

4.Suzuki Swift Sport hatchback

Suzuki tends to make affordable cars for masses. Swift sport is affordable, yet feels fun to drive. The five door version makes it one of the best practical family cars. Boot space in five door version is just good to pack for a vacation. It’s a relatively slow car, but you can’t expect outright speed at this price.

5.Skoda Octavia vRS hatchback

Skoda Octavia has an impressively spacious cabin and e boot space. Larger size makes the car lose on style a bit, less economical and less fun to drive. The hatchback is safe for families with kids. Its practicality doesn’t stop it from being a fast car. Conservative looks, modest price tag and family friendly drive saves the day for Skoda Octavia.

6,Volkswagen Golf GTI hatchback

Hot hatch concept of combining practicality and performance was established by Volkswagen Golf four decades ago. The current model has come a long way since then. The car is overly expensive in this segment, but does score well on ‘value for money’. Though being a superior sporty car, it boosts an impressive fuel economy of 47mpg.

7,Peugeot 208 GTi hatchback

This is another fast car, which wouldn’t be the best choice for families with kids. It’s all about speed and performance when it comes to Peugeot 208 GTI. Taking only 6.5 seconds to do a 0 to 60 mph speaks volumes about how fast this hatch behaves. It’s pitted against numerous contenders not limited to Mini Cooper S and Renault Clio.

8.BMW 1 Series hatchback

BMW 1 Series is superior in all aspects. It can do a 0 to 60 mph in just 5.1 seconds. That’s how quick the BMW hatchback rides. The car got great looks and nice attitude. It beats the powerful Volkswagen Golf engine by 50bhp at the cost of additional £5,000. Rear wheel drive takes the BMW hatch to a whole new league.

9,Volkswagen Golf R hatchback

What does take this VW golf a league higher than the cheaper GTI? Volkswagen answered it with the all-wheel drive. Stiffer suspension compensates reasonably for low ground clearance. It’s a super quick car beating the BMW 1 series by fractions of a second in the 0 to 60 race. Three door and five door versions are available. Automatic and manual gearbox options are provided as well.

10.MINI Cooper S

Mini comes off as a classy karting automobile in the best hot hatchback list. Sporty look, aerodynamic styling and grander engine cooling define this hatch. There are a few catches though, not limited to not so modest pricing and average interiors. Stellar motor configuration ticks the right boxes to enhance fun aspects of motoring. With Mini Cooper S, you won’t get good fuel economy, space or comfort. Nevertheless you get to add the desired fun quotient to driving.