Audi has finally launched their new fifth generation saloon the Audi A4. It arrives with a more of a refined renewed look for it takes up a more formal appearance than its rival flagships the Mercedes Benz, Jaguar and the BMW.

The car has a new look for both the exterior and interior, the engine is improved to a great extent and the chassis very well built. Audi has designed a masterpiece here, even though it looks more like its forerunner. It has new changes at the platform and engine, new tail lamps and wing mirrors, it is lighter than before, making it even faster and additionally it comes more spacious and with more room than the early models.


Much attention has been paid to the exterior, it is slightly longer and wider than before but most notably is its aerodynamic features. The new A4’s aerodynamics are better and improved compared to its rivals, making it certainly the most aerodynamic saloon of its class for it is more or less lower than the average saloon vehicle. Yet despite these additional features, Audi asserts that the new A4 weighs less compared to the previous version, and could be a plus for the speed enthusiast.


The interior hasn’t been left out as most of its spaciousness is so to account for its increased shoulder room, more legroom for the rear seats, more headroom at the front and for the increased boot space than those of its older models. Audi takes it up a notch with the interior design in the new A4 with a fantastic touch sensitive cockpit control with cruise control and traffic assistance. The tech lover is certainly catered for. Audi combines a fine detailing that uses brushed aluminium and very comfortable mix of leather and fabric seats. This would without a doubt make slow journey, electric. The back is also comfortable enough that those back there will savor the trip.

The Engine

The new A4 comes with an option for petrol there are three turbocharged four-cylinder engines and for diesel there are two V6 diesel and two four-cylinder engines, with a capacity of 1.4 to 3.0 litres and power ratings of 146bhp up to 270bhp. Let’s look at the most common set of the Audi’s 2.0 litre four-cylinder diesel saloon. For starters, it comes pricier than the A3 with a £ 31,000 price- tag, but it is still cheaper and has the upper edge than its rivals the Mercedes C- class, Jaguar XE and the BMW 3 series. The BMW beats it for better performance numbers, while the Mercedes beats it for more passenger space at the rear. This it recovers where it surpasses both its rivals with more boot space and more efficiency of an estimated 71.5mpg and 106g/km. It has a top speed of 135mph with an acceleration of 0-60mph in roughly 8.4Sec brought about by its torque of 1,750rpm paired with a slick 6-gear manual transmission.

The Drive

The A4’s new MLB platform promotes the intelligent five-link independent front and rear suspension to a greater extent ensuring it tackles bumps, road unevenness and potholes with minimal interference with the calmness of the drive.

Select system features Dynamic, Sport, Efficient and Sport, which sacrifices a bit of comfort. At dynamic setup the ride is smooth and takes on fast bends with ease since it offers a sense of steadiness and plenty of execution. The steering is quite crisp, for it is lighter and has a far quicker rate of response compared to the old model.

The new A4 is truly one to look out for and that we expect to challenge its competitors. See our comparison of the Audi A4 vs the BMW 3 series.