Secure online applications. Why they’re so important

These days, data theft can be a real worry, can’t it? Sadly, when it comes to processing applications, security can often be given scant regard or even be completely overlooked; but secure online applications should be a given and you have a right to expect your data is handled with care.

Parked cars

Offering a service, such as a vehicle finance solution as we at Albion Car Finance do, is all well and good, but not good if customers are put in jeopardy in any way, and particularly at risk of being the victim of identity theft. That’s why – even though we can have an application checked, processed and approved in as little as an hour – we cut no corners whatsoever when it comes to ensuring that all applications for car finance are handled 100 per cent securely online, every time.

I simply applied online, got approved, and then chose a car,” explains Millie in Rickmansworth, Hertfordshire. “Due to my mortgage being in arrears, I couldn’t get approved for finance by a more traditional lender. Albion saved the day. And I was impressed by how quickly they processed my application in a secure manner.

Online security, without compromise

Ensuring imported and exported data has been fully checked safely may sound like an exhaustive, time-consuming task. In fact, it’s not. Having the right software and trained personnel in place means that applications can be processed swiftly but without security being in any way compromised.

Where so many businesses and organisations go wrong is in utilising a secure application processing system that is not quite right, or sometimes even wholly wrong, for their particular business needs and the type of industry they’re in. While it’s important to do all you can to protect your own data and credit score, assuming that important personal data about customers can be securely exchanged and stored using a kind of one-size-fits-all approach is a common mistake businesses make. It’s one of the main reasons identity theft occurs so often across the UK. It is certainly not a mistake Albion Car Finance has made.

Data/identity theft: Key Facts

  • Unauthorised use of an individual’s personal information is a crime that can result in a custodial sentence
    The vast majority of identity thieves are seeking to profit financially, rather than for reasons of revenge, to smear another’s name, to ruin a reputation…
  • Most victims of identity theft have never met the person misusing their personal information
  • Identity theft within families, a team of colleagues in a workplace, and amongst a group of people that regularly socialise does sometimes occur, usually where an individual is having trouble opening a bank account in their own name, has heavy debts, or is seeking to create a credit card account
  • Although a victim of identity theft may win in court, damage to their reputation as well as their financial stability (and sometimes even their credit record) may take a long time to repair


  • The number of identity fraud cases going to court has increased dramatically since the arrival of the Internet and particularly online banking. The prevalence of mobile phones and other handheld devices has also contributed to the rise in identify theft crimes being committed across the UK, worldwide in fact

Also, despite personal information being much more at risk with the ushering in of the Digital Age, that doesn’t necessarily mean that offline identity fraud is rare. It is still essential to shred all documents containing personal information (letters from HMRC, bank statements, credit card statements, correspondence from Benefits agencies etc.).

Get a car and enjoy peace of mind

After making an application, discovering that your personal information has been stolen can be hugely traumatic, and, as we’ve seen, it can be prove to be only the beginning of a long process in restoring both your financial stability as well as your good name. By turning to Albion Car Finance for a vehicle-financing solution, you can relax, safe in the knowledge that your application is being 100 per cent securely handled from start to finish.