Poor credit? In the city? Is car finance worth the bother?

Have you seen the cost of public transport in the capital lately? Sometimes it seems like you have to be as rich as Croesus just to get the number 78 from Peckham Library (Stop C) to Canning Town, or to ‘Tube it’ from Shepherds Bush to Bethnal Green. Cor blimey!

OK, running a car isn’t exactly cheap, but at least it gives you independence. It can be a lot safer too these days. But let’s take a balanced view of all this. Driving in SE England, in particular if you’re around London, also has its downside. So today’s question is, is it worth even bothering to apply for car finance if I live anywhere near the capital – do I really need a car?

cars in busy traffic

So, as well as trumpeting the benefits of having a car in the capital, we’ve taken a balanced view and listed a few cons in amongst the pros:

  • Is there another city on Earth with as many interesting and exciting things to do and see in the capital? Plus, believe it or not, there’s some amazing countryside just outside the smoke, picturesque villages, gorgeous rural ways as well as fields and meadows. Real England, as portrayed the world over, is right on London’s doorstep. Having a car makes getting around easier and gives you control over your journey, you won’t be restricted by a predetermined route. But of course, while you’re in London, probably best to ditch the car and use its amazing public transport possibilities.
  • The Congestion Charge can put a lot of people off from driving in central London during the week. If you can well afford it, then you won’t feel it in your pocket (and you’ll more than likely have registered for Congestion Charge Autopay). But how many of us can realistically keep shelling out for a charge that is predicted to increase year on year?
  • Are there more potholes in London than Cockneys? Possibly. OK, there’re potholes across the entire country, but in some areas of London (and the South-east to be honest) motorists are replacing their tyres annually, simply through hitting so many potholes (sometimes even buckling their car’s undercarriage as well as damaging their tyres).
  • Driving well and safely in smaller towns where traffic can get congested and tempers are easily frayed is also a big plus. A long no-claims record is not to be sniffed at. Learning to negotiate the difficult traffic conditions to be found in the larger towns around greater London is a must if you’re going to avoid larger insurance fees (and all the incidental costs from those little bumps along the way)!
  • Is getting a parking space in central London like trying to find Lord Lucan in a Camden coal cellar? Yes. Case closed.
  • Driving in London can be a massive confidence boost. Once you’ve got a year or two’s driving in the capital under your belt, motoring anywhere else (apart from Rome or Milan at teatime perhaps?) will seem like falling off a log.

Don’t let bad credit stop you

Sadly, for so many people in the South-east of England, particularly those with bad credit, getting on the road can prove difficult and the closer to London you get, it can be harder. It’s all very well countless car finance firms claiming to offer ‘Instant loan approval, even if you have a poor credit rating!’ or ‘Car loans without credit checks!’ and other such wild promises. But how many genuinely offer that? You’ll probably find there’s unexpected awkward small print to deal with – red tape that proves impossible to cut through in getting your application approved.

Never fear. At Albion Car Finance we handle the slightly more complicated car finance applications with ease. We’re ideally positioned to offer car finance deals to people in Greater London and the surrounding areas. We’ve also forged an enviable reputation for being the lender who can get a finance deal application approved, where countless others can’t.

Would you Adam and Eve it!?