Pets and driving. The truth about cars and dogs

If you’re struggling to get vehicle finance, you’ve come to the right place. In fact, we think we offer one of the easiest and quickest ways to get on the road. Once you’re the proud owner of a vehicle (with our simple 3-step car loan application process means that you could literally get a car you like TODAY), you’ll find the world opening up to you. What? No, we don’t mean sinkholes! We’re talking about an increase in options.

You’ll have more choice in terms of work and leisure, and it will mean avoidance of exorbitant rail and bus fares – a considerable saving indeed for people with several children. And what about pets?

Pets and Car Travel

When ‘walkies’ becomes SO monotonous

If you’re a dog owner, and you’re currently without a car, chances are that you’re confined to your local area when it comes to taking Bella or Buddy for walkies. If you’re lucky enough to live within strolling distance of a large park or the countryside, that will give you reasonable scope. But what if you reside in an inner-city, or a built up suburban area, where dog-walking consists of a few saunters around the block, every day, through every week, month after month, year after year… Aargh!

Donald’s story

As the proud owner of three beautiful Alaskan Malamutes, having wheels would open up all sorts of possibilities to me,” explains Donald in Rickmansworth, Harrow. “At the moment, my wife Mandy and I are limited to only taking the dogs for walks around the local streets. The only time we can venture further afield is if my son kindly offers to take us all out for a spin of a Sunday, which is not a regular occurrence. I will definitely be applying for vehicle finance through Albion Car Finance. Getting a hatchback would mean we could take the dogs for walks along the seafront in Eastbourne, and across the beautifully undulating Sussex Downs. Mandy and I simply can’t wait to do all that!

Pets and driving – it’s a nice ‘problem’ to have

So, despite the Internet being awash with thousands upon thousands of well-meant words about the importance of caring properly for your pet on car journeys – ‘tiptop tips’ on how to best approach it – you can only do all that if you’ve actually got a car in the first place. Which is where a specialist car finance company comes in. Yes, we agree that, when thinking about pets and car travel, motorists should always do all this:

  • Keep the car well-ventilated but secure
  • Although you may need to open your windows, don’t roll them so far down that your dog will travel with its head out the window. Too dangerous.
  • Remember to take water and whatever else your pet usually needs with you. Distraction toys, a blanket, medication…
  • Don’t feed your pet whilst in transit. Make sure to time their meals prior to setting off.
  • Think about identification. Is your pet micro-chipped? It could make all the difference should they try to escape
  • Don’t leave your pet alone in your vehicle when you’re parked


  • Don’t make your pet’s first car journey a long one. It’ll freak them out. Best to do a few short runs to get them used to it all, bit by bit, before embarking on some epic journey

Online, there are plenty of other people offering more in-depth advice on all that. What we can offer thousands of pet owners out there is something different – it’s vehicle financing for people who are struggling to get car loans, for whatever reason, but badly need a set of wheels; diversity at last when it comes to providing their pets with more scope and more interesting environments to stretch their legs in (even a ‘walkies’ change of scene for you, too!).

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