Car parking. Are you paying too much?

For most people, being without a car can be a nightmare – far more than the trials and tribulations of car ownership – finding car parking for example! And that’s not an exaggeration. If you’re used to having transport, and then, for whatever reason, just can’t afford to be on the road, that means being reliant on public transport or walking everywhere.

Now, as much as Albion Car Finance is all for people maintaining healthy lifestyles (eating a balanced diet, hitting the gym, maybe even walking to work once in a while and all that…), we know better than most just how massively inconvenient being car-less can be. Why? Because we hear it from people of different ages and all walks of life every day. Even the problem of parking pales into insignificance when you think of the advantages of buying your own car (really!)

car parking on a street

“No car, no life.”

No car, no life; that’s what I think,” says Jacinta in Dunstable. “Being without a car these past few months has brought it home to me just how awkward life becomes when the options are public transport, taxis or walking.

I was ‘encouraged’ by family and friends to give up my car and to take the train or to hop on the bus instead,” explains Helena in Westminster. “One of my biggest problems was how much it cost me to park my car each week, near my home, close to work, when out and about… so I thought it would be a good move.  I sold my little Fiat Punto and bought a London Oyster Card. The first week of Tube travel wasn’t so bad – I just about managed to get to work on time each day! During the second week, however, I got caught out by a strike and was late just about every morning!

There are some jobs where you are wholly dependent on your car – if you’re a full-time carer for example. One chap I know explained that having his own vehicle meant he could take his elderly father out on afternoon drives, visits to other family members – and to appointments and check-ups etc. If the bus or a taxi was needed every time, that would cost a lot more and be tremendously difficult to manage. As it is, life is so much better and both he and his dad benefit.

Parkopedia or, car parking sorted! Tried it yet?

Having a car certainly opens up the world, and life itself. You can go where you want, when you want, without being reliant upon public transport timetables and seat availability. But it is important to recognise the costs involved in becoming a motorist – something many car-seekers do not fully appreciate, one of these being parking costs annually.

One great way to ‘park smarter’ – that is: to better control and reduce how much you pay for parking regularly – is to utilise a handy little website called Parkopedia, which helps motorists find suitable car parking – not only in the usual purpose built car parks but street and metered parking, and private garages, too. (Take a quick look, before coming back to us here!)

A minute or two is all it takes

Before discovering Parkopedia, I parked very randomly – just grabbing any space I could find, be that street parking or car parks or whatever,” explains Peter in Watford. “Now, before travelling anywhere, I always quickly research parking options on Parkopedia. Taking a couple of minutes to do that each time before setting off anywhere certainly saves me money on parking every week, meaning I reduce my overall car costs for the year. And who doesn’t want that?

Indeed! But you can’t park a car you haven’t got, Pete. And thousands of eager car-seekers across the UK are struggling to get vehicle financing, due to having bad credit, their mortgage payments being in arrears, or simply by being Benefits claimants, that sort of thing. So if you’re still on the lookout for some decent car finance, try talking to us. We’ve got access to credit solutions for almost every situation possible. We’re helping people every day – so we’re certain to have something that works for you.