New car or old car. Are you ready for your summer road trip?

Road trips aren’t just a favourite with our friends across the Pond. No, you don’t have to live in Utah, South Carolina, Los Angeles or Arizona to feel the ‘pull’ of the highway; that irresistible allure of the open road, just driving for miles and miles and miles, and seeing where the road less travelled takes you… The premise of this little post is that a road trip certainly isn’t the mainstay of University life and something only students can enjoy. No way! Read on.

A summer road trip in the mountains

These days, road trips are something many Brits get pleasure from, especially in summer: the windows rolled down, the wind in your hair, beneath clear blue skies, as the sun smiles down… OK, over here, we’re more likely to call a road trip a “leisurely scenic drive, with no particular final destination point in mind”, which is fine, but it doesn’t quite have the same fizz as “road trip”, does it? So, for the remainder of this article, let’s stick with that term, shall we?

Life without limits. Imagine that.

At Albion Car Finance, we’re all about making things possible. We believe that breaks should be exactly that: a complete break from the drudgery of the daily grind. That’s why we’re recommending taking a road trip this summer as the thing to do, once the schools have broken up for another year, and those holiday entitlement days you’ve been saving up at work finally need ‘cashing in’. Change your daily outlook from Hemel Hempstead, to the High Sierra! What we don’t recommend is simply loading up your car and then heading off with the family without having given at least some forethought to your eagerly anticipated break from the norm.

Road trip essentials

To ensure that you get the most from your trip – and hopefully avoid any disasters along the way – take a little time, pre-departure, to:

  • Even if it’s your brand new car, make sure your car is definitely roadworthy. That means checking things like oil, fuel, water/coolant, tyres… And don’t forget to check the tread and pressure of your spare tyre while you’re at it
  • Go further. Check your brake fluid and power steering fluid
  • If your oil seems dirty, pay the money and get it changed. OK, this involves an extra expense, but it might be the difference between cruising happily down the open road, and fuming in a lay-by!
  • Be safe. Check your seat belts, and – even if every TV weather presenter in the country predicts months of scorching sunshine ahead – check that your windscreen wipers (front and back) are all working correctly. Because, you never know…
  • Check all your lights, including interior dashboard lights and others.
  • Are your battery terminals free from corrosion? If not, sort it. Or rather, get a professional to do so
  • Pack a First Aid kit (for obvious reasons)

Talking of kits… Have you got an emergency breakdown kit in your boot? Jump leads and a foot jack are the type of things we mean (oh, and don’t forget to pack a torch), in case you find yourself stranded on a roadside somewhere out in the sticks and need to change a tyre

Make sure your breakdown cover has been renewed, and that you’ve got the right type of cover for the trip you’re planning on taking

Is your Sat Nav up to date? If not, download all the latest maps and updates

And finally, don’t leave behind your mobile phone and charger. Of course, the whole point of a road trip is to get away from it all, but in reality, you’ll still need to be contactable.

Have a great trip!

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