The most economical Petrol Cars in the UK

The best ten most economical Petrol Cars in the UK. When choosing a new Car, Economy is one of the foremost considerations. An Economical Car is a Car that has low running costs, Low Insurance, Low taxes and Fuel Economy all combined together. High Fuel Economy usually goes alongside low CO2 Emissions. Thus the most economical cars are often times very environmentally friendly. This Article will discuss the top 10 most economical petrol cars in the UK at the moment. They are as follows:

1. Toyota Yaris Hybrid(2015):

The Toyota Yaris Hybrid (2015) Car has an excellent Fuel Economy. It is the Car with the lowest running costs currently in the Market. Averaging 80.7mpg, this Car has a CO2 Emission of 75g/km meaning that it is exempted from the London Congestion Charge. This car retails for 15,195 Pounds.

2. Lexus CT200h S Model:

This recently revised Car has a 1.8-Litre engine and a hybrid System. The Fuel Efficiency of this Car is Superb averaging 78.5 mpg with CO2 Emissions at 82g/KM for the entry level S Model.

3. 2015 Toyota Auris Hybrid:

The Toyota Auris Hybrid makes the headlines for the average 59 mpg in Government sponsored tests. At a cost of 20,000 Pounds, the Car is not overtly expensive. It is easy to drive and has a good record when it comes to reliability.

4. Fiat 500C 0.9 Twin Air:

This Car has an estimated MPG of 74 Miles per Gallon of Petrol. The resultant fuel cost equals 7.2P per mile. The CO2 Emissions is at 90g/km. The Car has a 0.9 litre engine and retails for the sum of 15,715 Pounds.

5. Suzuki Celerio SZ4:

This Car is a 5 doors hatchback City Car. The Service Intervals for this Car is at 12, 500 Miles. Each Model of this Car belongs to an Insurance Group of 7E. The Car has a 100g/km Carbon Dioxide emissions. The Fuel Figure is 65.7 mg. Its low weight also helps reduce Fuel Consumption.The Car has a 1.0 Litre Petrol Engine. It produces 67 bhp at 6,000 rpm.

6. Nissan Micra DIG-S:

This Nissan’s high tech Car produces the convenience of Petrol motoring without the disadvantage of noise and smell. It has a three cylinder 1198cc Petrol Engine. Official test figures of this Car show 68.9 mpg and a 95 g/km. At this rate, the Car escapes the road tax and London Congestion Charge. This Car uses the most recent low emission technology. This Car also uses low friction engineering and automatic engine start-stop to reduce fuel consumption in traffic. The retail price for this Car is 13,650 pounds.

7. Toyota Prius T3:

The Toyota Prius T3 is an hybrid Car that switches easily between Petrol and Electric Power. The Toyota Prius T3 is among the World’s most famous Hybrid Cars and for all the good reasons. This Car excels very much in Fuel Economy and Emissions. The Car has a 1.8 litre Petrol Engine, this greatly helps to reduce CO2 Emissions. This Car is regarded as a Green Car because of its ability to travel for 15 miles on Electric Power alone without switching to Petrol Engine. This is one of the most fuel efficient cars in the U.K with a capability of up to 134.5 mpg and CO2 Emissions of 49g/km.This exempts the Car from Road Tax and the London Congestion Charge. The Toyota Prius T3 has the full complement of Airbags, Traction Controls and an automatic braking system when the Car senses an imminent collision.

8. Skoda Citigo Greentech:

The Skoda Citigo Greentech is an ideal Economy City Car. This Car has a three cylinder 1.0 litre engine that produces 73 BHP and 93 NM of pulling Power. Aside this, the Car also has a low weight that helps improve its Fuel Efficiency. According to Official tests, the Car will return an average 67.3 mpg, while CO2 emissions 98g/km.This low emissions ensures that the Car avoids the London Congestion Charge. Despite the low CO2 Emission, this Car has an incredible mileage. Due to the 35-litre fuel tank, this Car would cover 500 Miles without a fueling stop.

9. 2015 Mistibushi Mirage:

The 2015 Mistibushi Mirage is one of the best Fuel Efficient Cars made this Year. At a retail price of 13,000 Pounds, the Car is complete Petrol Car. The Car’s small size and light weight also contributes to its Fuel Economy. The Official Economy figure is at 68.9 mpg. The low rolling-resistance tyres, regenerative braking system and stop/start feature for traffic congestion adds more value to its economical status.

10. CITROEN C3 1.2 VTI Pure Tech:

This Car produces 81 bhp and does 62.8 mpg in Fuel Economy.The Car has a Turbo Charged 1.2 Litre engine with a CO2 Emission of 87g/km which exempts it from the London Congestion Charge.