Improve your job prospects. Get mobile and get a car!

The Internet is positively awash with ‘tiptop tips’ on how to boost your job prospects, some of the advice being decidedly unorthodox – wonderfully weird and whacky, in fact! But how about getting the basics right first?

Tablet, glasses and car keys

Even if you land that promotion or the job of your dreams, can you even get there on time each day, feeling fresh and in the right frame of mind, eager to get stuck in? Or will you be wholly reliant upon public transport, as Clara in Uxbridge was back in 2011:

After years of studying fine art, I found a great job in Bristol and couldn’t wait to start. But, to my utter frustration, the local rural bus and train service proved so intermittent (I don’t drive) that I turned up very late for work three times in the first fortnight. Needless to say, I didn’t last there long.

Gain a competitive edge and improve your job prospects!

With using public transport increasingly becoming a nightmare for commuters across the UK, getting a car can put a jobseeker at a distinct advantage over other candidates. Of course, traffic jams, unexpected diversions, and the occasional road hog can render even the most mild-tempered motorist in a bad mood, but having your own set of wheels still beats bus and rail travel, by a long chalk:

  • You can literally go anywhere
  • You’ll no longer be reliant on someone else to ferry you about
  • Enjoy greater privacy, convenience and comfort
  • Get there quicker
  • Travel door to door, or at least car park to car park, meaning no long treks into the office or other type of workplace from a train or bus station – a particular advantage in inclement weather
  • Stop off somewhere where-ever and whenever you want to. (Picnic anyone?)


  • Car travel can often be ‘greener’ than going by bus (yes, really)
  • Keep your possessions and any cargo secure, without having to worry about your stuff being stolen from a shared luggage carriage or hold.
  • Comparatively, a car will probably offer you more storage space too
  • Avoid public transport delays and staff strikes
  • No timetable checking to do, or booking of tickets in advance

And crucially for those who work in the evening:

  • Feel safer returning home after another shift

With all this, no wonder car travel still remains the British public’s No.1 preference, and why workers with wheels find their job prospects improve when they’ve got their own transport. They also have a competitive edge over colleagues with no other option than to use public transport.

Even applying for finance and the right type of credit to fit your personal circumstances can be a breeze these days!  So what’s more, even if you’re not working at the moment, but would love to be back in the workforce – being on the road can give you a much wider job-seeking area too.

Without a car, my job options would be limited to my neighbourhood,” explains Simon in East Sussex. “Around here, in the village there is one supermarket, a post office, two pubs and a barbers. So, locals like me are not exactly spoilt for choice when it comes to finding employment.

Cast your net wider

It’s true. If you are a jobseeker, having a car means you can look further afield, as Simon has. Instead of being limited to seeking work on your doorstep, a car would open up the whole county or a sprawling city. All this would not only increase your prospects of finding work, but also give you much wider choice, meaning that you will not necessarily have to snatch the hand off the first employer seeking staff.

OK, what with road tax, car insurance, fuel, annual MOTs, repairs and servicing, car costs can add up, but have you seen what they charge for rail travel lately?!

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