How to keep your car running costs low

We’d all like to reduce our car running costs, but how to do that? Is minimising the expense of having and running a car all about controlling petrol or diesel outlay each month? Or are there plenty of other ways to spend less on having a set of wheels, whilst still having the wonderful option of enjoying ‘the freedom of the open road’ whenever we need to, or simply when the mood takes us?

Winding country road

The price we all pay

Having a car means finding the money to buy the vehicle in the first place (usually applying for car finance) and then meeting all the ongoing costs:

  • Initial purchase cost
  • Fuel
  • Insurance
  • Road tax
  • MOT
  • Servicing
  • Repairs

And let’s not forget:

  • Breakdown cover

And what about new tyres, maybe? Checked your tyre tread lately?!

Poor tyre tread and underinflated tyres was to blame for a car crash my son was involved in around Christmas,” explains Gillian in Barnet. “Thank God no one was hurt, but it could easily have all ended in tragedy. I would advise all motorists to have their tyre tread and pressure checked regularly. It is quick and easy to do, and will give you peace of mind whenever you are out on the roads: knowing that your tyres are as they should be.

It pays to shop around

Even if you rarely use your vehicle – or perhaps you have a second car which you enjoy taking a weekend spin in, but for the rest of the week leave in your garage or parked up on your driveway –you will still need to shell out for most of the aforementioned running costs. That makes it a smart move to do your homework before purchasing, and also to shop around for things like tyres, breakdown cover, and car insurance. Taking the time to research prices on comparative websites can really pay off, saving you a fortune.

Although the Internet often gets a bad Press,” says Don in Edgware, “it is a boon when it comes to researching prices for all types of products and services. It did not take me long online last month to research car-related costs, such as: insurance, MOT, servicing, tyre replacement, and breakdown cover. By the time I caught the bus to my local car dealership, I was armed with all the key information I needed.

Give your car a regular health-check

Looking after your car will also helping you save on costs. OK, that may sound obvious, but how many of us truthfully take the time and put the work into keeping our motors in fine fettle? There’s nothing worse than a hefty car repair bill coming in, when, if you’d have just made a bit more effort to keep your vehicle ‘in the pink’, you could have considerably lessened the mending cost, or even avoided the expense altogether.

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