How to buy a car for all seasons

How much should where you live determine the type of car that you buy?

Car driving on winter road

If you reside in Central London or on the sunny south coast of England, are you less likely to buy a Land Rover Discovery than someone whose home locale is the Scottish Highlands? And if Sandbanks in Dorset or the wealthy Surrey ‘stockbroker belt’ is your milieu, does that make you much more likely to buy a sports car than, say, if your home is a pretty thatched cottage deep in the Somerset countryside?

The simple answer is, no.

Ginny’s story

There is no evidence at all that buyer location is the primary determinant in car purchasing choices made anywhere in Britain; the reason possibly being that our climate is so varied and unpredictable, there’s no knowing what the weather will be like from one day to the next at any time of year, making it impossible to know which car to buy for the best.

I moved from Wembly in West London to Burford in the Oxfordshire Cotswolds a couple of years ago,” explains Ginny. “Prior to moving, I sold my BMW 2 Series Convertible and used the money to purchase a Toyota Land Cruiser V8 5-DR, thinking I’d need a more robust vehicle for driving down winding country lanes on snowy winter mornings, and on blustery autumn afternoons. I soon regretted it. I missed my BMW enormously and it may have been fine for driving in around here.

Best to wait till you’ve moved

Ginny made the mistake so many other motorists make every year across the UK: changing car before relocating to another part of the country, rather than afterwards.

My advice to anyone contemplating changing cars in preparation for a move to another decidedly different environment is to wait until you’ve moved, settled in and got a feel for the lie of the land. Then you can better judge which would be the most suitable vehicle for you in your new setting. You may well find that the car you’ve already got is perfectly fine, saving you time, money and hassle.

About seasonal considerations

Ginny need not feel embarrassed about changing her car in haste. It’s natural to assume that in rural areas a more robust vehicle (i.e. a four-wheel drive with a strengthened chassis and a raised driving position) would better cope in more rugged terrain. In icy conditions on country roads, owning a car that is less likely to slip would offer peace of mind, after all.

Cars that strike the perfect balance

The good news for drivers who want to buy a car tough enough to withstand all weathers and terrain, (having a ‘go anywhere’ reinforced design/build) is that so many of the available land vehicles currently on the market strike a brilliant balance between strength and style (as well as having that all-important ‘badge appeal’ – something BMW and Audi-lovers will appreciate!).

Ginny found the perfect compromise when her son recommended that she buy an Audi TT (with Audi’s ‘Quattro’ four-wheel-drive system built-in). “Yes, for me, it is a case of all’s well that ends well, thankfully. My new car oozes quality inside and out, and has that exquisite feel I so loved about my BMW Convertible. I love rolling down the windows, flicking on the radio and going for a spin in it on endless summer afternoons; and it is also tough enough to cope in all weathers and even on the slipperiest Cotswold country lane on a bitterly cold January morning!

Has your car finance company’s reaction been frosty?

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