Check MOT history of any UK car online

It is now easy to check the MOT history of any car in the UK online thanks to the new website that has been launched by the government. All that you need to do is to key in the registration number of the car and its make at and all the information will be displayed. This is an invaluable tool for used car buyers because it saves them from many of the problems that they used to go through. You no longer have to worry whether or not the information supplied to you by the seller is factual because you can always verify it online without having to move an inch from wherever you are.

Detailed information

One thing that can be noted about the new website is that it gives detailed information about the vehicle’s MOT. Whether you want to know the dates of all the previous tests or even the test numbers, you can be sure that you find them. You also are able to find out about the mileage of the car when tested. Above all, you can rely on the website to know whether or not the car passed the test. With such a service, you are assured of getting the exact kind of car that you have been searching for and can rest assured that it is in the condition that you wanted.

Reasons for test failure

Another reason why you will enjoy finding out the MOT history of any car in the UK online is because the site goes ahead to give you the reasons why the car failed the tests if indeed it did. You will get advisory notices such as bad brake pads, worn tyres or corrosion. These will be highlighted alongside every test that was failed so that you can easily see them. For second hand car buyers, this has proven to be very helpful because it creates the much needed transparency in this industry. For a long time, the trust between car buyers and sellers has been diminishing because of partial facts told by either side.

Updates on the next test

In addition to giving a detailed MOT history of every car in the UK, the website has a reminder that indicates when the next roadworthiness test is due. It also indicates when the latest certificate runs out and this makes the buyer more aware of what they are dealing with. You no longer have to blindly work with the information supplied to you by the seller because you are never sure if it is factual. Instead of that, you can simply go to the website and see for yourself when you should look for new certification after taking the car for the test. As a buyer, this makes you work easy because you do not have to struggle too hard just to get this information.

So check remember to check the MOT history of your next used car purchase using the simple process at and take advantage of this to get all the information that you might need.