Buying a car at dealerships tips

Buying a car can be a scary experience especially if you are buying from car dealership for the first time.The many choices in brand and models, the wide price range, and the options available to either buy or lease, to buy a new car or a used one are some of the issues you should be prepared to deal with. Also, the sales person at the dealership is an aggressive marketer and in an effort to make a huge commission, he/she can convince you to buy a car that you don’t like. Here are a few tips on how you can be prepared.

Research first

If you take your time to know what car you want, you can make shopping for a car easier both for yourself and for the sales rep.Think about your daily millage, what car can best meet your needs?. How much are you planning to spend?. What do manufactures offer at your desired budget?. All these information is available online or by talking to your local dealer. Once you have determined the style, manufacture, and price, you can begin shopping around at local dealers to get the best deal.

Consider monthly installments

If you can afford to pay the full amount in one installment ,you are better off taking this option. However, if you want to buy through monthly installments, think of your disposable income and how much you can spare monthly to pay for your car. You can choose to trade-in your old car or make a lump sum down payment to reduce the amount of monthly installments. Ensure you don’t commit a portion of your income that you can not afford as this will strain you financially. You don’t want to own a car you can not afford to fuel,do you?. Also,avoid the temptation of discussing monthly installments with the sales rep. Instead,insist on discussing the overall purchase price first, the once you secure a fair buying price,then you can go to the details of monthly installments.

Consider other available financial options

Several car dealerships have entered partnerships with lenders including manufactures to help customers secure financing options. Also,”talking to your bank to secure a loan is another viable option” says O’koniewski. To secure a loan, you will need you latest credit report thus consider getting one from the credit union regularly. A 4 month interval credit report is highly recommended according to Bob. Considering other financial options will give you a better chance of getting your dream car since the car dealership can see some commitment on your side. With this commitment, the dealer can even compromise to help you acquire your dream car.

Understand the extra fees and charges

Fees and extra charges are inevitable when buying a car.These include delivery charges, titling fees among others. Ensure you make an inquiry about these charges before sealing the deal and negotiate with the dealer to get the lowest cost possible. After establishing how much the extra fees and charges will cost you, include the value in your purchase price and determine how to pay .Any fees or charges not mentioned during negotiations should not be brought up at a later stage. If your dealer mentions it, refuse to pay. This is particularly common with paint and fabric protection. If this will cost you more, consider having it done after car delivery as this can save you some money.

If you prepare earlier, you can be sure to have an easier time and fun while shopping for your car .The most important aspect of preparation before buying a car is conducting research. “If you go to the dealer with a rough idea on what you want, it becomes easier for the car dealership to get you the car that best meets you needs” says Bob.