Best 7 Seater Cars in UK

For most parents with large families comfort, space and fuel efficiency are some of the critical consideration when choosing a family car. Seven-seaters cater for the space requirement but differ widely in terms of comfort and fuel efficiency. The following is a reviews of the best 7-seater cars in the UK.

Citroen Grand C4 Picasso

This is one of the few seven-seaters that has a flexible folding mechanism of its five seats. This means if you need more space you can easily fold the last five seats. The three middle seats are same sized and have been fitted with Isofix technology, making it safer for your children. This seven-seater has an excellent suspension that makes it quite comfortable to ride in. There are two models for this vehicle – standard and exclusive model. The exclusive model offers additional features and equipment’s e.g. Sat Nav

Seat Alhambra

This car has won various awards due to its suitability. The main characteristics, which has enabled this include enormous space, ease of driving and high degrees of comfort. This seven-seater can carry seven adults smoothly and remain with a sufficient boot space. It has been fitted with sliding doors that are convenient for young children. It has been integrated with ISOFIX technology and displayed impressive results during Euro crash test. It offers a high degree of fuel efficiency since it uses a two-liter diesel engine.

Ford S-MAX

This car is characterised by a powerful engine and an easy handling mechanism. This makes the car quite appropriate for negotiating sharp corners. Most owners have often described driving this car as similar to driving a smaller vehicle. It has been fitted with sufficient boot space, and the last two seats can be easily folded to offer additional space. It also has pocket doors to provide additional space. The second row of the seats can accommodate three children. The seats have used the ISOFIX technology making it safer for all.

Volvo XC90

The best terms to describe this car include; class, incredible space and a relaxed driving experience. It has a powerful engine and quality suspensions, which increase its overall suitability. The rear seats can accommodate two adults while the middle seats can accommodate three children. The boot can comfortably hold 451 litres of baggage. For additional space, one can easily fold the last two seats. Air bags have been fitted in the three rows, and the car has an installed safety kit.

Land Rover Discovery Sport

This seven-seater is the most compact SUV in the market. It has an appealing external design while maintaining a suitable internal design that offers comfort, space and safety. The rear doors have the ability to open up to approximately 90 degrees making the back seats readily available. It scored a five star during the Euro crash test making it quite safe in cases of accidents. It has been fitted with a terrain response mechanism, which adjust the car’s traction, this aid while driving in different terrains and conditions.

Kia Carens

This is one of the cheapest seven-seater. It offers an attractive exterior design and a comfortable interior layout. This vehicle has a cruise control, air conditioning, auxiliary and USB ports among other features that increase your comfort in this vehicle. It is also well insulated and fitted with high-quality suspensions. The rare seats can accommodate teens or adults. It’s compact size, which makes it appropriate for parking in tight spaces.

Hyundai Santa Fe 7dr

This SUV offers both flexibility and space. It has a big boot space, which can hold approximately hold 1615 litres. When additional boot space is required, the second row can be slid forward. This car has been equipped with a 2.2 diesel engine giving it the power to pull trailers, boats or even caravans. It’s additional features include rear parking sensor, air conditioning and a four wheel drive. It also has quality suspensions that provide a comfortable riding in some of the harsh British roads.