Audi A4 vs BMW 3 Series

The latest Audi A4 is finally here, and it has joined the executive segment that has previously been controlled by both Mercedes and BMW. Despite the fierce competition, Audi is now aiming higher with the new A4. Consequently, how does Audi A4 compare to the BMW 3 Series?


Despite the fact that the new Audi A4 has a new design that is based on a brand new platform, it is hard to notice the difference from a distance. It now has angular lines, neat proportions as well as refined details. The new Audi A4 is approximately 120kg lighter than the older model; the difference is the result of the intelligent use of high-tech materials. When compared to BMW 3 Series, the Audi A4 is the widest and longest of the two. The BMW 3 Series was given a sporty twist through a purposeful stance, new headlights, smart double grille and new headlights. They both have a 480-litre boot and option of full-LED headlights that have enhanced the front end look. Additionally, .


When it comes to the interior, German cars have always been revered for their quality. The interior of the new A4 is based on well-established horizontal lines that give it a sense of strength and width. They both have provided a host of advanced technology with MMI powering the Audi A4 infotainment and iDrive controlling the BMW 3 Series. As much as the two systems are advanced and sophisticated, MMI is to some extent more intuitive of the two. Audi A4 comes with Audi Connect, an in-car wireless internet that feeds data to the one of a kind navigation system. On the other hand, BMW 3 Series provides an outstanding HUD (head-up display) that is now available on the Audi A4


The new Audi A4 engine has reduced fuel consumption by 21% and increased its power by 25%. It has a 2.0-litre turbocharged engine that produces 220 horsepower; this brings it closer to the BMW 3 Series engine that produces 240 horsepower.


When it comes to the driving quality, both cars are hanging to the sporty side and show sporadic harshness over rougher surfaces. The two cars handle sharp bends superbly. Nonetheless, BMW 3 Series steering tracks more cleanly than the Audi A4.


In regards to safety, the BMW 3 Series is a step ahead of the Audi A4. In previous reviews, it has been given a five stars rating various highway associations. However, the two have received good ratings from insurance institutes. The integral strength of the construction methods of the Audi A4 ensures that when the passengers are involved in a crash, they are all protected from the worst forces involved. It has collision detection systems enabling it to brake on itself and stop a skid from occurring.

Despite the different designs, model and body styles that are placed under either of the two names, both the Audi A4 and BMW 3 Series have an element that is appealing to most luxury buyers. The BMW 3 Series has the performance edge that the adventurous drivers regularly look for, although the Audi A4 is not far off. When all the sophisticated and high-tech gadgets, as well as a pure design, are the elements to consider, it is the Audi A4 that wins.