Fast decision for car finance? Who needs that?

If you need a car in a hurry, you’re at the right place. But whose company are you in? That is, as well as your own, what other reasons might car seekers out there have for needing to get on the road asap? Let’s find out…

Rush hour at dusk

The school run

Having the means to get to and from work is always a common reason for people looking for a car finance deal. Especially when they’re looking for a quick decision on their application. It can help people with their job searching, too. But what about stay-at-home parents who may not need a set of wheels for work, but still have to do the school run twice a day?

Without a car, I’d be really stuck,” explains Jessica in Hemel Hempstead. “I live in one of the prettiest villages but unfortunately the schools are all full, meaning that I have to drive my son and daughter to a primary school some distance from my home. Without a car, we’d be reliant on the bus. And, as most people are aware, rural bus services are not the best when it comes to regularity and frequency.

And how about students?

Cos nothing beats Mum’s cooking!

University life can’t all be about attending lectures, participating in debating societies, thrashing fellow students at the chess club every Friday afternoon, and swotting for those all-important exams into the small hours in Halls of Residence. Sometimes, you need to get off campus and head for the bright lights of the local town or city. And what about at the end of each semester? Wouldn’t having the option to jump in a car and head home for a few weeks to mum’s roast beef with all the trimmings be brilliant?

Having a car has actually helped me with my studies,” explains Ruben in Hayes. “Having the option to get away from the Uni campus whenever I feel the need means I can come back to my studies fresh and eager to crack on. I think if my whole world was lectures, the Student Bar, and the Halls of Residence, my performance and capacity to absorb information would be adversely affected. Definitely.

For when life suddenly changes

Some car buyers have been ferried around by a family member or friend for a good while, but now, for whatever reason, that is no longer an option. Their lifestyle and work location may not have changed, but their means of getting about suddenly has, meaning that they need their own set of wheels, and FAST.

Before my dad retired last year, I was able to cadge a lift from him to and from my job at the local plastics factory,” explains Elaine in Windsor. “Then, when he unexpectedly had to give up work for good through illness, that came to an end. I had no option other than to get a car, due to the poor public transport service to the factory.

Responding rapidly in a crisis

Moving from a town or city to a rural area (e.g. where it’s six miles to the nearest Tesco Express!) can also make purchasing a car a priority. And as idyllic as country cottage life can be, having transport is still important in emergency situations, or simply to retain some sense of being connected to the wider world.

Where I live, the public transport system is as poor as the broadband!” says Kenneth in rural Harrow. “Don’t get me wrong; living in the country can be great. But I feel it’s essential to have a vehicle, not just for shopping trips etc., but also to give one peace of mind. I mean, if heaven forbid, one of us was to suddenly fall seriously ill here or sustain some kind of injury, not having transport could actually be the difference between life and death. And that is no exaggeration.

A fast decision for car finance is easier than you think

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